Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sita: The Last Vampire

"Vampsita" has been my online handle for years in some form or another. Maybe you used to play MONOPOLY on and played against someone with the nickname "vampiresita". If you did, well, that was me. If you used to go into the WB chat rooms (which are now obsolete) and remember a "vampsita", well, that was me too.

Back when I was a pre-teen/teen, there was one vampire I loved more than any other: Sita. Nowadays, there are vampires by the thousands, it would seem. Go into any bookstore, browse the sci-fi/fantasy section and YA section, and you will be in vampire heaven. Vampires come and go from my book collection, but there is one who will always remain. Sita.

I can't tell you exactly why I love her so much, or any of Christopher Pike's books. I just do. So of course I am THRILLED that they have recently come back into publication and I was able to replace my very battered, yellowing paged copies with shiny new ones. I am even more over the moon to learn that "Weekend" and "Slumber Party" will soon be out in an omnibus. And my first-second favorite trilogy, too: "Remember Me".

It's a good day to be a Christopher Pike fan.

Princess Bookie has made my millenium by informing me that "The Last Vampire" is to be adapted into a feature film. After the disaster that was "Fall Into Darkness", I had little hope of ever seeing another of his books made into a movie. I have to wonder if whoever wrote the screenplay for that horrible TV film even bothered to read the book. And the ending, oh eww, the ending!!!!

I have very little love for the "Twilight" series, but I realize that Christopher Pike's triumphant return to bookshelves everywhere are due in part to the massive success of Ms. Meyer's beloved series. And so for that, I thank her.

And Christopher, wherever you are, welcome back!

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